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Current project – git rid of stuff declutter

I have been going through my stuff and have a few clothes that I’m getting rid of. 1 pr jeans that don’t fit, 1 shirt that is too nice and will be going to the consignment shop. 1 pr pants to hem, 1 pr pants to either toss out or make into fabric. A bag of books to be moved. 3 project bags that have had the clutter removed and the projects sorted and de tangled.

My goal for this weekend is to do laundry and sort through 1 drawer. Try on all the clothes and sort into 3 piles keep, giveaway/consignment, toss. Also to sort through my cabinet in the pantry and organize all the tea and drinks there.  If there’s time to go through 1 tub of craft clutter. I know that there’s stuff I don’t even know I have, blanket squares that have to be put together, stuff to be finished, spinning that I started and let collect dust, probably more that I don’t even know.

I am working on a scrap rug made with my grandmothers craft stuff.WIN_20140817_002549