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3 things

3 things that I’m grateful for:
1 That I played an instrument and know something about music.
2 That I took gym in High school, though I might have hated it then it is really coming in handy in my life now that I want to get back into shape.
3 My family, even though most drive me crazy sometimes, I would be awfully lonely without them.


Achievement journal entry

My recent accomplishments: I applied for a job and got an interview, I think I did ok, I talked a little about myself. Perhaps flubbed a few questions but hopefully seemed enthusiastic and suitable for the job. Entry level but have to start somewhere.
I’m going to not let it worry me and keep being positive.

Walking today

On my walk today I was just walking along when this jet black bird with red and white shoulder patches kept following me. It would fly from tree to the next tree in front of me and sing its song. It was very unusual and funny, I wish I had a camera with me. Also I found some blackberries almost a handful, I’ll have to go back in a few days to check.

current projects

So over the past month or so I’ve been busy. Started an afghan project, started going to the gym again and jogging, found my old calligraphy kit, drew more Zentangles, and I’ve been baby siting my cousin for more than 60 hours a week, last week was about 80 hours. Helped garden at both my moms house and my grandmas, now I want to start my own. I’ve even found time to read a book, and go to the library. So much to do still.

Day 6 letters : A stranger

I met you, you were homeless I’m sorry that I couldn’t help more. I gave you some advice that I knew you wouldn’t take. I worried for you and others like you for a while after. I realize that you cant make people get help unless they want it. You have to want to change to change. Hope you are in better climate like you wanted.

Day 5 letters : Dreams

I have many dreams, to accomplish them I need time, money, more education, and to move. I know this. Why I have trouble achieving these things that are necessary to achieving them? Procrastination and inertia.

Recipe Strawberry banana peach fizzy smoothie


6-7 strawberries

1 banana

1 cup frozen peaches

1/2 cup ice

2-3 tsp sugarĀ  or honey (or leave this out)


Take the strawberries, banana, peaches, and ice blend in blender. Add to this fruit mixture a half can of ginger ale, and sugar or honey to taste. Enjoy!

Day 10 letters : Someone you dont talk to as much as you’d like

Someone I don’t talk to, certain cousins of mine, too much difference in age or life circumstances, we talk at birthdays, or holidays but not enough otherwise.

Day 13 letters : someone you wish could forgive you

I really don’t have anyone Ive harmed too badly, If their mad at me its for a reason and the reason is bs.

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