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How I almost died

Right after Christmas flush with about $50 to spend I went to my cities downtown shopping district. First I had to pay fines at the library, then since I had some time decided to get a coffee, that led to browsing at one of the clothing shops and checking out a new restaurant that had opened. All in all a nice leisurely shopping trip for a Saturday afternoon. On the way back the wind had picked up, making a cold day into a frigid one. I was walking to the bus stop and had my head down, I was fine until I got to this  weird round about that has like 5 entrances and a weird middle. I was past the first crossing and checked no cars were coming and started across the second part. Out of nowhere a truck passes inches from my feet. My heart pounding I think that if I was walking just a little faster that I’d be hurt or dead.

These past few weeks I have made a point to double check and triple check any crossing that I need to. So be cautious out there!

<a href="https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/close-call/">Close Call</a>


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