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I’m planning to participate in NANO this year!

I’ve been aware of the National Novel Writing Month for quite a few years now, and always something got in the way of my novelistic aspirations. Sometimes it was school, or work, sometimes it was that I just didn’t have the time or energy. This year I should have a few free hours a day, and I already have a few ideas floating around. I’m a bit undecided between a post apocalyptic fairytale story, or a sci-fi space empire war things, or a few other small ideas that have been floating around in my head for some time. I’ll have to write a outline and it seems that the best program out there is Scrivener so I’ll be posting there a lot. I’ll post it here after I’ve gotten it to as far as I can 50,000 words. I’ve only written poetry ans small blog posts but I am excited. The people over at http://nanowrimo.org/ have been very supportive and inspiring. I’m http://nanowrimo.org/participants/nicole-bulger over there.


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