Writing stuff

Current projects

1 Rake leaves – Why do more fall after I’ve used up all the bags?
2 Clean Grandma’s and Uncle’s house – ongoing.
3 Prep for winter – I put away all my summer stuff and then the next day its in the 70’s.
4 Prep for NANO, read about all the different ways to organize a novel, knowing that I’ll probably do none of the advice and just write a stream of consciousness thing anyway.
5 Check if smoke alarms carbon monoxide detectors work, remember to replace batteries.
6 Spray for spiders at grandma’s and cousins place
7 Donate clothes that don’t fit
8 Organize my books
9 donate books to Library’s book sale
10 Buy a pumpkin, Halloween supplies, a pair of gloves and a hat.

Winter checklist

1 Complete fall list

2 Organize craft bin

3 Donate Jeans that don’t fit anymore

4 Go to Library book sale

5 Clear up kitchen clutter esp tupperware

6 Exercise more

  • Watch yoga cd’s and return them to library
  • Do bycling on the bike while a load of laundry dries, up the resistance
  • Walk with toddler more often, take him to park on sunny days
  • Go to gym 2x month
  • Log stuff on fitocracy.com

7 Make a monthly menu plan

8 Bake bread using Dough book and experiment using bread maker

9 Read more often

10 Draw more often, try to get back into Zentangles again, fill up sketchbook




One response

  1. Wow Nicole, you’ve got quite a list there. Good luck. I hope you accomplish everything you set out to do. Happy writing next month! 🙂

    October 31, 2014 at 2:48 pm

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