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My cottage in the woods

Reviving Bricks

You just inherited a dilapidated, crumbling-down grand mansion in the countryside. Assuming money is no issue, what do you do with it?

I have often thought about something like this, there are many fallen down, old dilapidated houses and cottages around my town. My family had a construction business and I know how to fix some things. I also know what I don’t know which is electric, gas and plumbing. I would start by getting an inspector just so I know what the dangerous parts are. I would struggle with just jumping right in and trying to fix all what I can in a tornado of anxious work and procrastinating and dreaming of making this just the right house for me. There would have to be woods and a vineyard or orchard, I would like a largish but not too big garden, just enough for me to work on it with a little help. I would love to have or install a pond. There is a pond on the way to see my sister that i just love, enough for swimming or carefully stocking of fish. The place would have to have enough windows as I don’t like a gloomy house
If the house was a family place I might contact distant relatives to see if they wanted any heirlooms, but with my family that might start a lot of arguments I guess that this is only a dream and not real, it sounds like a lot of stress.
But the best thing would be to turn it into a bed and breakfast, I am not enough of a loner to stay in it myself and would like the busyness of taking care of it to share with others, knowing that after a short while they would be gone on their way soon.

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