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Oil treatment-day 1

So I bought this coconut oil in a jar a few weeks ago with the thought that I could make home beauty products out of it. I have used it straight out of the jar to clean my face. It works well but does leave my skin a little dry. So this time I used half coconut and half olive oil. My skin is less dry but I will have to see if the pimples come back. Its a little embarrassing being 29 and having pimples but hopefully this will do the trick.

I used the leftover oil to treat my hair. Using only olive oil leaves my hair too greasy so I thought this would work. I used my standard shampoo and conditioner after the hour long oil treatment, to deep condition my hair I just dipped my fingers in and ran it through my hair till it was wet. The coconut has a lovely smell and seems too greasy at first. I was worried as when I got out after the shower my hair seemed a very dry. I know from experience that my hair lies when wet, it likes to look awful then turn nice when dry. So far it is soft and light weight.


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  1. Oh yes, coconut oil! I bought some because all online sources told me that it was good for hair and scalp. Cooking too. I found out right quick that it was one of those oils that is kind of non absorbent. Dry, like you said. If you put it on your hands they just feel oily. I think it needs moisture under it to do anything. They use it a lot in cosmetics and stuff, but I was not impressed. I like sesame oil, the kind that has the smell taken out of it. I now use Neutrogena NON frangrance bath oil to take off eye makeup. It’s an oil, but it’s a very thin oil that you can kind of rinse the residue mostly off.

    April 28, 2014 at 1:03 pm

    • No, I meant that for me it absorbs but leaves my skin feeling dry, which is good if you have oily skin or hair. I don’t so have to have a more moisturizing oil with it. I’ve also experimented with sweet almond oil too but haven’t been able to find it in my local shops for a while. I will try the sesame oil if i can.

      April 28, 2014 at 3:10 pm

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